How to start a blog and make money in 2021

How to start a blog in 8 step by step Guide

  • #1 Step: Choose a perfect niche ( Topic) for your blog
  • #2 Step: Choose the best blogging platform
  • #3 Step: Select a unique domain name
  • Earn Money Sources

The first question is why you should start a blog? Blogging is a platform to enhance your knowledge and make money. online. Developing a blog, Here some Unforgettable Benefits of blogging which causes you :

  • Convey what needs to be: Blogging is simply the stage that encourages you to communicate.
  • You can help other people and additional fans: You can help the perusers by composing the substance on your blog.
  • Earn Money Online – Yes, You can profit from your blog by doing Affiliate Marketing and Running Adsense Ads.

#1 Step: Choose a perfect niche ( Topic) for your blog

To start a blog and make yourself a successful blogger, you have to choose the right niche for your blog. Your content must be of value to your reader.

  • #1 Interest: make you select a niche that you are the most passionate and interested in.
  • #2 Audience: Make sure your niche enough audience interest. You should deliver content for the audience and must have peoples search for that topic.
  • #3 Competition: Explore competitions about your selected niche and monetization potentials.

Did you know?

99% of bloggers quit blogging choosing the wrong niche. Most of the bloggers choose niche by suggested someone follow just money. Follow your passion and then search about its competition. Check the competition about your niche read other blogger’s posts. If you want to rank in google and make money, you have to write better than existing content.

I am sure now after reading this you have clear in mind about choose blog niche.

#2 Step: Choose the best blogging platform

When we think about blogging there are few options where we can start blogging.

We suggest our users start blogging with WordPress because it’s easy to use and easy to manage. Below are some detailed statistics about blogging platforms and why WordPress is best?

#3 Step: Select a unique domain name

Select a unique domain name for your blog to well rank in google. Try to select an eye-catchy domain name and easy to remember.

Earn Money Sources via Blogging

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Sale Own Product
  • AdSense
  • Link placement

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a modern way to make money online but remember there is lots of hard work. You need a patience in blogging to make money.

Affiliate is a method where your promote other member’s product and sale product via your affiliate link. When your make sales with this link you give commission on these sales.

Sale Own Product

If you have your own product like online course, fitness product, clothes etc. Make target audiences blog & content to sale your own product.


AdSense is one of the popular way to make money via blogging. When some one think about blogging first though in mind make money via AdSense.

Remember AdSense is simplest and genuine method to make money. But you have to make you own content and well designed website to get approval in AdSense.

Link Placement

If you are beginner in blogging don’t try this method. Because make money with link placement you need a old blog and High Domain Authority and Page Authority.

When some one check your blog and interested to link his/her link into your blog post with High DA PA.

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